10 World’s Most Famous Leaders of a Country

Leaders are believed to have the power and authority. If they use their power and authority for the betterment of their own nation, then they might also be called as heroes. But throughout ages and generations, each country experienced having different leaders. Some leaders have the mindset of helping the people and the country itself to be productive and to become much developed. And other leaders only think of how they can be more powerful and wealthy while they are still in the position of a leader.

It has been recorded in world history about the deeds including achievements and also the failure done by the leaders of a country, known as the president. In this article, some of the popular leaders will be mentioned. Travel now getting best service from this agency travel 台胞證照片. Among them, Barack Obama who became the president of USA; Angela Merkel, who became the leader of Germany; David Cameron, Great Britain; Francois Hollande, France; Vladimir Putin, Russia; Xi Jinping, China; Narendra Modi, India; Dilma Rousseff, Brazil; Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia; and Hassan Rouhani, Iran.

The above mentioned leaders gained fame due to various reasons aside from being the main leader of a country. Some of these leaders inspired many and they even left great legacy. Some of them also made wrong decisions while they are in the position of conducting to this agency visa process 台胞證落地簽. Whatever wrong decision they made during their reign that made the people lost their trust in them, the people still should support their leader especially if he had made great efforts to develop their country.