How Developing Countries can Achieve their Goals

As you know, some countries are very productive and developed while others are still under financial problems or difficulties. Countries such as Japan, Korea, USA, and European countries are said to be much developed and these countries have high and advanced technologies. What was the main secret of their success? Actually, it is their mindset. […]... Read More

The Hidden Truth in the Life of a Politician

Everyone involved in politics couldn’t live a peaceful life. Why? For politicians, they seem to always face a battle in their daily life. All politicians have their own political terms. In other words, they are given only limited time to fulfill their promise during a campaign and even while they already received the position they […]... Read More

Understanding the Right to Vote and Not

In a country which practices democracy, people were given some rights. One of those rights is the right to vote and not to vote. People living in democratic countries can freely express their opinions to others. Those who already reach the legal age can register as a voter for the next election. However, not everyone […]... Read More