Biggest Problems

The world has its own problems. Each country has there own problems and these all contribute to the problem of the whole world. There are countries who have a problem worst about one thing but better in one thing. Let us see some of the challenges that the world is facing. Even if there are many efforts that had been done but they are still a problem that could not be solved. That is because all are connected to each other. One problem can cause another.

One of the problems that are still a challenge is poverty. There are many people who earn less than what they should be able to eat the complete meals in a day. Many of the people then suffer from hunger and malnutrition also becomes an issue. It became normal to see pictures of children who are looking for food in the garbage areas. One of the reasons also of not being able to have a good job is illiteracy especially for women than men.

Because of the laws and situation also in other countries that individuals could not be able to progress is the limitations that were set. There are opportunities that individuals could not be able to have so that they could have an improved living condition. Poverty, lack of education, the effect of climate change and others like law can contribute to the situation of the world now. You also include the national security that many countries do not have that slows down progress.