Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Law

In this world where billions of people live, the cost of living is not easy. Due to poverty, there are crimes that can happen anytime such as robbery, burglary, kidnap for ransom, and so on. People who live in poverty can do everything in order to survive without thinking of the possible consequences. They can only think of the present time. So in order to lessen the crimes that are happening all over the world, there should be some laws that has to be implemented.

Those who were caught committing a crime will surely be brought to prison and that person will receive the punishment that he deserves. In most countries, they would just keep a criminal in prison for a couple of years. It is because of the law. However, according also to the law, a detainee can be given the right to bail so that he can be released in prison. In this case, even if a person committed a crime that deserves death, he is given chance. Have the chance to check on your eyesight problem. See this best site 更多資訊. So good and one of the great eye clinic.

The disadvantage of law is that anyone, as long as he have money can be released. And rich people can use the law in a negative way. The law has many advantages. However, it cannot be avoided that there is also some disadvantages. Some even abuse the law especially those who have a position in the government. Politicians usually are knowledgeable about the law because most of them had a career as a lawyer before they run as a politician.