The different effect of globalization that should be considered

In this time, many are pushing for the globalization. There are many who support it as they cite the many advantages of it that would bring to many countries. One of the advantages that are being featured is that the world could connect faster wherever one is. Just by using the help of the internet, one could be able to do a transaction or by using a telephone or cell phone. The world becomes one and it seems very good but also has disadvantages.

The video explains well what is the things that would make people not support globalization. There are advantages but it should be for the benefit of all and not just for some industries. That is because not all people and businesses are on the same level. Even if the vision is good but there are many things that would be affected. One of the concern is the loss of the culture of people and one or few could dominate as it conquers the world in the global effort.

That is why there could be ways that the balance would be met so that each sector could all be in good terms. Even if the lower wage is good for large companies so they could produce cheaper products but it also does not help in the poverty level of people who are working with all their strength. The unfair distribution of good things should not be implemented but it should help each other in every way so that all will be better.