Understanding politics and why it is important

One f the major topic in some countries is the politics. That is because there is the important effect of politics on people within the country and outside the country. the political result of a powerful country can affect another country who depends on it. One country may be in favor of another country but when the leader changes, they can part ways. There are many things that involve politics and so it is a good topic for many. It can help the country and it could also ruin it.

Politics is one that will make a conclusion on what is the view of all the people. It can start when the people select or elect the leader of their country. The leader can make changes to what is already in place. He can give an order that is very different from what is accepted. That is why it could depend on the leader what would be the direction of the country. It could become one who will concentrate on trade or on security.

In the infographic, you can see how candidates make their campaigns. When people will run for the leadership role, they will give their side on what would they do to help the country. They also would have to make a stand on one issue as they can be questioned on many things that people are interested in. With the help of technology, it is changing and the present could vary in the future even just for few years.