Understanding the Right to Vote and Not

In a country which practices democracy, people were given some rights. One of those rights is the right to vote and not to vote. People living in democratic countries can freely express their opinions to others. Those who already reach the legal age can register as a voter for the next election. However, not everyone can register because some don’t have even a little trust to those who will run for a particular position. For those people, they can have the right not to vote.

Even if they already had registered their names as a voter, they may choose not to vote. Actually, there had been a lot of cases wherein those who voted last election didn’t vote during the next election. A very common reason is that, many were disappointed. They were not satisfied with the services as well as the performance of those whom they gave their trust over this outstanding travel company services learn here www.chinavisa.com.tw/china-visa/. Many elected politicians were corrupt and the reason they want to be a politician is to acquire power and authority.

But those who have such mind can never gain success for sure. Instead of gaining success, they are actually putting themselves in danger and shame. Once a politician is involved in a crime or anything shameful, that will be his end and the end of his career. Everything which he put much effort in building or establishing will immediately fall especially if the crime he did is proven. Travel wherever he want must be needed to be assisted by this agency travel 台胞證費用. Like this, is there anyone who is still willing to vote for him during election?